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Boost your sales. Deliver premium customer experiences. Improve your operational efficiency.

Today, retailers crave simplicity when it comes to managing their business. Microsoft Cloud (Office 365, Azure and SharePoint) offers a productivity platform from the modern workplace, enabling retailers to create personal, seamless and differentiated shopping experiences for their customers while gaining operational efficiencies.

  • Enable store managers and associates to work from anywhere in the store on almost any device with Office 365.
  • Work closely with agencies and partners and collaborate more securely with OneDrive and Skype for Business.
  • Save time creating product category reports and forecasts to make better marketing decisions with Excel 2016.
  • Improve customer insights to build better campaigns and drive sales.
  • Bring your teams closer with SharePoint Online & Reduce the risk of lost customer data by Centralized document management.
  • Bring your teams closer with SharePoint Online and reduce the risk of lost customer data through centralized document management.
  • Role-based portals on SharePoint offers access to important promotions, geography-specific actions and powerful search.
  • Microsoft Azure offers practical solutions to how retail companies can reduce expenditures, interact with customers and increase overall efficiency.

Customer Testimonials

quoteThe approach to the task and deliverables was professional, organized and timely. They have qualified / competent people in each field of delivery that helped the execution process.quote

Siddharth Peters
The Total Office
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Hospitality & Travel

  • With quick access to company news, loyalty programs, products and services and training manuals, employees are empowered to help improve the customer’s experience.
  • Increase the expertise of hotel staff: SharePoint Online makes it possible for hotels to store all vital company information in one place. Using powerful search tools, hotel staff can quickly find the information they need—wherever they are, and from any device.
  • Provide enhanced customer services with better informed and trained employees with real time access to information.
  • Help make improvements, share ideas and best practices, and attract and retain employees (especially Millennials) by giving all employees a voice and encouraging them to collaborate across hotel properties.
  • Send and receive emails from company-sponsored employee mailboxes from work/home/mobile with Office 365.
  • Deliver dynamic and agile systems that support your business today and into the future, with a scalable platform that supports any client and provides mission-critical reliability and security with Microsoft Azure.
  • Backup your critical customer data on Microsoft Azure.

Customer Testimonials

quoteLiveRoute team has given us great support while configuring the new SharePoint system for The Noodle House. Also, we had great support from Vishesh on fine tuning things to create a good system for us.quote

Joy Rodrigo
IT Manager, JRGDubai
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Media & Advertising

  • Improve customer service, enable content creation from anywhere to your creatives contributors, and enhance agility. Media contributors require the freedom to do their work from anywhere. Office 365 provides the ability to reach out to editors enabling reviews to work collaboratively. They can conduct virtual meetings via HD video conferencing and secure sharing via Office Applications.
  • Enhance agility with Office 365 Suite, enabling communications and media teams to quickly adjust business strategies based on current affairs in the marketplace.
  • Increase sales by enabling your content creators to produce their best, faster from anywhere.
  • Enable journalists and other media and cable resources to be able to work effectively and meet deadlines from wherever the news or their work takes them.

Customer Testimonials

quoteOne of the key benefits of Office 365 is the way all products in the Suite work seamlessly together... It’s a brilliant solution that is easy to use, easy to build, and full of great features.quote

Gehan Madhanayake
Head of IT, DMG Events Middle East & Asia
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Office 365 offers an integrated and cloud-based suite of productivity tools.

Microsoft Exchange

Manage your business communications across devices, share easily and securely with 50GB mailbox storage per user.

Skype, Outlook

Communicate with customers, collaborate with colleagues and gain access to data and storage.

One Drive

Sync files across all your devices (1 TB storage per user).

Word, Excel

Create and edit documents in real time with colleagues.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that helps you grow with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change. With Azure, you can be up and running fast, scale up or down as needed, and avoid high capital costs—paying for only for what you use.

Storage, backup and recovery scenarios

Store and protect your business critical data.

Web apps

Quickly deploy and scale modern, cross-platform web apps with Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Machines

Build a multi-tier, resilient and secure application that can be deployed within minutes, instead of weeks, and can be managed over the internet as if it was in another rack in your data center.

Development and test scenarios

Microsoft Azure gives you everything you need to facilitate and manage a complete development and test environment in the cloud or integrate with on-premise technologies.

Development and test scenarios

Microsoft Azure gives you everything you need to provision and manage a complete development and test environment in the cloud or integrate with on-premises technologies.

Azure Active Directory

Identity and access management of the cloud and secure access to on-premises and cloud applications, including Microsoft online services like Office 365 and many non-Microsoft SaaS applications.

Easily create team sites and portals to discover, share and collaborate on content with colleagues inside and outside your organization from any device.

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization.

Anywhere access

You need to stay productive wherever life takes you. Now you can with the new SharePoint app (coming in Q2 of 2016). It’s like having your company’s intranet in your pocket giving you access from anywhere to your team and organizational resources needed to get work done.

Seamless collaboration

Today’s SharePoint team site is your team’s content hub. It’s where everyone you work with both inside and outside your organization comes together in real time to get work done – creating and sharing content using the same, familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day.

Intelligence and insights

The intelligence provided by Office Graph makes SharePoint completely unlike anything else out there.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

SharePoint offers best-in-class security, with more than a decade of experience building enterprise software and online service.

About LiveRoute

We are the first company in the Middle-East that was born 100% in the Cloud.

LiveRoute was founded to solve the challenges that organizations are having to reduce and control cost while growing and innovating. Cloud-based productivity solutions are today's answer and we leverage a very capable team with strong experience as well as a vast portfolio of clients who entrusted us with their data and move to the Cloud.

LiveRoute - Your cloud experts in journey to Microsoft Cloud.

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